Work Of the Tribunal

Due to the confidential nature of the material in its possession, the fact that inquiries are not yet complete and the requirements of natural justice, it is not possible for the Tribunal, at this stage, to disclose specific details of the matters being inquired into and the Tribunal begs the indulgence of the members of the Oireachtas in this regard.
The Tribunal has made substantial progress in relation to the matters referred to at paragraphs A.1, A.2 and A.3 of the Terms of Reference. In addition, the matters referred to at paragraph A.4 and a number of matters of which the Tribunal has become aware, as envisaged by paragraph A.5 are under active investigation. The Tribunal intends to conduct as thorough an investigation as possible before holding public hearings.
The Tribunal confirms that it is proceeding to inquire into the matter referred to in clause B (ii) of the Terms of Reference in the manner therein directed.