The Minister for the Environment and Local Government appointed Mr. Justice Flood, a Judge of the High Court, by instrument dated the 4th November, 1997 as the sole member of the Tribunal. The Tribunal then took steps to engage a legal team with the appropriate specialist expertise for the work of this Tribunal. The Chief State Solicitor, Mr. Michael A. Buckley, made a member of his staff available to act as a Solicitor to the Tribunal. The Chief Registrar of the High Court, Mr. John Delahunty, made an experienced member of his staff available to act as Registrar to the tribunal. Ms. Mary Moylan, principal officer of the Planning and Land Section of the Department of the Environment and Local Government made an administrative team under the management of Mr. John Kiernan available to the Tribunal. The work load of the Tribunal was such that the Tribunal required the assistance of a second experienced solicitor. Due to staff shortages the Chief State Solicitor was not in a position to provide a further experienced Solicitor. Consequently it was necessary for the Tribunal to find an experienced Solicitor, willing to work on a contract basis from the private sector.
The Tribunal was assigned premises at the Clock Tower Building, Dublin Castle. The Tribunal has been greatly assisted in the establishment of its offices by the General Manager of Dublin Castle, Mr. David L. Byers.
The Tribunal commenced its work on the 11th day of December 1997, the terms of appointment of the Tribunal legal team having been agreed on the 9th day of December 1997.