The Final Report

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    1. On page lvi of the table of content and on page 2502 Chapter seventeen, of the Tribunal’s final report,  Mr Conor Haughey’s name is mistakenly stated instead of Mr Ciaran Haughey.  Mr Conor Haughey had no involvement with the Tribunal inquiries. The Tribunal has unreservedly  apologised to Mr Conor Haughey for this error. The error was corrected at 2:30pm on Friday the 23rd March, 2012.
    1. On page 2504 of the Tribunal’s final report (Chapter Seventeen), Mr Niall Kenny is mistakenly referred to as Mr Michael Kenny. This error has been notified to the Tribunal by Mr Niall Kenny’s Solicitors on 24 April 2012.
  1. Correction of error in the Tribunal’s Final Report relating to Mr. Des Richardson:
    • In the course of the Tribunal’s public hearings in the Quarryvale Module, Mr. Richardson (together with others) was questioned extensively in relation to a payment of IR£5,000 to Mr. Bertie Ahern in late December 1993 and, in that context, the operation by Mr. Richardson of a bank account held in the name of Roevin Ireland Limited (Roevin).
    • In its Final Report the Tribunal made a number of findings relating to Mr. Richardson and the operation of the Roevin bank account, (at Paragraphs 4.162 to 4.167, Chapter Two, Part 10). Paragraph 4.162 erroneously indicated that Mr. Richardson has claimed not to have knowledge of the origin of IR£39,000 which opened the Roevn bank account in October, 1992. In fact, in the course of the extensive questioning of Mr. Richardson in relation to the operation of the Roevin bank account, he was not specifically questioned as to the source of the said IR£39,000. Therefore, all such reference to the said IR£39,000 in the Final Report, including any criticism of Mr. Richardson for failing to identify the origin of this sum are withdrawn.