As directed by clause B (iii) of the Terms of Reference, the Tribunal has sought discovery of all relevant documents, files and papers in the possession, power or procurement of Mr. Michael Bailey, Mr. James Gogarty and Donnelly Neary and Donnelly, Solicitors. The relevant files and documents have been received by the Tribunal from Mr. James Gogarty and Donnelly, Neary and Donnelly, Solicitors. The discovery and documentation from Mr. Michael Bailey is awaited by the Tribunal.
The Tribunal has also sought discovery and production of documents from a substantial number of other parties who are believed to be in possession of relevant documentation.
The legal validity of the orders made by the Tribunal against two of the interests represented before the Tribunal have been challenged in correspondence. The Tribunal is satisfied that there is no valid basis for such a challenge and is insisting on compliance with its orders.